Financial Aid and Bursaries

Financial Aid and Bursaries

Students, especially needy once, are encouraged to source for funds to raise school fees through a number of available sources, some of which are within the university while other are external. These include:

a) Parents
b) Higher Education Loans Board (H.E.L.B)
c) Self
d) Constituency Development Funds (CDF)
e) Government Bursaries
f) Well wishers
g) Charitable organizations e.g. Rattansi, Oxfam, Oshwal, Care International among others
h) MMUST Work-study Program

For many of the above cases, students are expected to initiate the process through application at the scheduled times.

Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)

The Higher Education Loans Board provides loans and bursaries to needy students registered in all Kenyan universities, both public and private. Applications are done annually and there is a specific criteria that is used to award the loans which range from Kshs. 35,000/= to 60,000/= and bursaries which amount to Kshs. 8,000/=. Loans are disbursed depending on the level of need. Dissatisfied students are allowed to appeal for additional loan on condition that they attach tangible evidence as justification. Students who do not provided honest information are disqualified. Loans are disbursed twice in an academic year, thus, beginning of 1st semester and beginning of 2nd semester. Further information concerning HELB support can be gotten from the HELB Website.

Constituency Development Funds (CDF)
arious constituency Development Fund programs have varying arrangements of financial support for students from their respective constituencies. The criteria of award and the amounts vary from constituency to constituency. Application forms require endorsement by the Dean of Students as a way of confirming the information given by the applicant concerning their academics. The maximum award per student varies from constituency to constituency.

Government Bursaries - Through the Ministry of Education
The government offers support to need students by way of bursaries through the Ministry of Education. Students make applications by filling in application forms which are made available at specific times of the year.

Charitable Organizations
There are several charitable organizations that offer support to needy students. These include the following: Rattansi, Oxfam, Oshwal Educational and Relief Board, Care International, Ford foundation and Save the Children among others. These organizations have their own selection criteria and procedures for award of scholarships and bursaries. Where applicable the office of the Dean of students makes recommendations to these organizations for support of individual exceptionally needy students. In order to get more information about their services, students are advised to visit their respective websites.

Rattansi Educational Busary Fund
Through the office of the dean of Students, the University negotiates with Rattansi for the donation of a fund to the university. The University Rattansi educational fund committee is charged with the responsibility of disbursing the funds to needy students as per specific criteria. Amounts awarded often vary depending on the level of need and the funds available.

MMUST Work-Study Program
This is meant to mainly assist students to raise money for fees and upkeep while at the university. Through the program, needy students are able to work at the university as they pursue their studies. The arrangement is such that they are only expected to work for a minimal period of time daily when they are not having classes. The program runs annually and students apply by filling in a form obtained from the office of the office of the Dean of Students. This is normally towards the end of every academic year for consideration in the subsequent year. The arrangement is such that successful applicants are only expected to work for a maximum of 4 (four) hours per day but do not exceed ten hours per week. These working periods should only be when they are not having classes to attend.

Talent scholarships
These are awarded to students who are talented in various fields. Currently, the scholarship is awarded in the following areas: Handball, hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, netball, Music, Theatre, Basketball, Athletics and Rugby. Eligibility for the scholarship includes above average academic performance, exceptional performance in the talent area and admission for studies at MMUST among others.

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